Trekking Montsec invites you to discover the Sierra del Montsec, located in the Pre-Pyrenees of Lleida. The Montsec Range extends from east to west, from the Port of Comiols to near Benavarri, forming a beautiful landscapes over 40km long, consisting of limestone walls and beautiful scenery. Its abundance of geological, botanical, faunistic, and paleontological wealth turns into a Protected Natural space, Network Natura 2000: Special Areas of Protection for the Birds (ZEPA). It is part of the Geozone of Unesco thanks to its geology, and is also a startlight zone due to the darkness and quality of the sky. The orientation of the mountain range is cause of the environmental differences between the northern and southern slopes: to the north lies an Euro-Siberian vegetation in comparison to the south which is more Mediterranean-like. The Montsec mountain range is divided at two points, where the Pallaresa and Noguera Ribagorçana rivers create two magnificent gorges (Terradets and Montrebei gorge), dividing the mountain into three imposing sectors: Montsec de Estall, Montsec de Rúbies and Montsec de Ares, where we find the highest point with 1676 meters. Thanks to its climate and low rainfall, the Montsec mountain range allows us to carry out activities throughout the year. We have a wide array of trails all along the Montsec range. Our routes cross ancient paths full of history; we will visit Romanesque castles and hermitages, Roman roads, old abandoned villages, charming forests, large valleys, imposing walls of more than 500 meters high.